Why Therapy Makes You A Better Person

Be honest for a moment. Are you a generally good person, but feel maybe you could be a little better? Do you ever feel like you might be a little crazy or misunderstood? Do you ever worry you'll be seen as weak or a little dumb? Do you ever feel like you're just never quite good enough? Do you wonder sometimes if there's something wrong with you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then congratulations, you're human! Welcome to the club! And that means you're no longer alone!

So now that you know you're not alone and that you do belong, and that you have several things in common with all (ALL) of the millions of other people walking around, how does therapy make you a better person?

Here are the top three ways in which my clients improve as humans:

  1. You'll be more pleasant. Many clients worry that by sharing their problems with someone, they're becoming too much of a burden (what you're really worried about is rejection, more on that in a future post). In therapy, the whole point is to unload and get things off your chest, and maybe learn to deal with things in a healthier way. The longer you keep dealing with bills, school, work, kids, dating, marriage, more bills, etc.--well, what happens when you put a can of beans on the stove, crank the heat up, and wait? Eventually, the can explodes. And in time, so will you, and that's when you risk pushing everyone away. Let a little steam out and you'll be that much more fun to be around.
  2. You'll be a little more real. Are you cheating on your spouse? Do you call in sick to work because you just hate your job that much? Do you love your dog more than your own siblings? Do you have an unstoppable foot fetish? Do you have horrible things in your past you wouldn't dare tell anyone about, but you still carry the weight of the shame? Trust me, I've heard it all. There is no problem or issue that is too big or too small for therapy. It's a safe space that is free of judgment or punishment, and all about acceptance. With acceptance, you are free to take control of the things you can actually change and strive towards being the person you want to be now. That leads to authenticity. Who are we drawn to the most? Authentic people. Those who acknowledge their flaws and have a good time anyway.
  3. You'll discover who you truly are. Therapy is about giving you tools to understand why things happen, and digging a little deeper so you can act knowingly next time. It's about helping you pave a slightly different path, one that will make you more satisfied and at peace. How do we do that? Well, therapy is like taking a long good look in the mirror. You might not like what you see sometimes. In fact, you might hate it. Or, you might avoid mirrors altogether. Very rarely do we sit down and reflect on who we are and why we do the things we do. No wonder we feel so out of control all the time! It takes guts to take a good hard look at ourselves. It can be very painful and scary at times. And that's what's so brave about going to therapy. To be utterly terrified and very unsure of the outcome, and still be willing to battle those monsters--that's brave. 

If you're ready to be a better person, or you just need a place to talk about your day, I'm here for you. Give me a call at 802-318-4811 and schedule your appointment today. Not a fan of the phone? Me too (I'm working on it!). Shoot me an email at dr.sasha@vermontpsychologist.com.

See you in therapy! :)

Dr. Sasha