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Anger Management

Find Peace of Mind

What is anger?


Anger is a healthy emotion in response to emotional distress. When anger is too intense, frequent, or expressed in unhealthy ways, such as through aggression and hostility, it can start negatively affecting work, relationships, and overall wellbeing. Untreated anger can lead to violence, bouts of rage, "seeing red", and a general sense of losing control. Untreated anger can contribute to physical problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Ongoing anger issues can also be a sign of untreated depression.

What causes anger?


Anger is an emotional response to situations where you feel wronged, threatened, or frustrated. It can also be a common response to ongoing feelings of stress, unhappiness, or dissatisfaction at work or home. Common unhealthy expressions of anger include yelling, throwing objects and slamming things, punching walls, and road rage. These behaviors can escalate and lead to significant negative consequences in personal and professional life. 


I create an environment in which you'll feel comfortable exploring and speaking freely about the core issues at the root of your anger to inform your anger treatment plan.


How does anger management work?


I develop an individualized anger management plan very quickly so you can start feeling better fast. I evaluate your specific anger triggers to design an effective plan addresses all aspects of your anger. 


I teach powerful, highly effective coping methods that help you take control right away. I help you grasp your anger triggers and cues to identify anger before it's too late. I address underlying sources of anger and resentment, and I teach you tools to help cope with intense feelings of anger. I equip you with tools to communicate assertively, not aggressively.


Therapy is extremely effective for anger. Many patients experience anger relief after only a few therapy sessions. The majority of patients achieve significant anger relief after several months of therapy. 


For help with anger from a professional psychologist, use online scheduling or call Dynamic Therapies to book an appointment with me now.

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