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Codependency Issues

Discover Who You Really Are and Build Healthy Relationships

What is codependency?


Codependent behavior is often learned in unhealthy family environments. It is characterized by being in a relationship that is very one-sided and emotionally abusive and/or manipulative. If you find yourself on the receiving end of such a relationship, you may have grown up in a family where feelings were repressed and not communicated or talked about. You might have a hard time identifying and communicating your deeper feelings, at the root of which there is often pain and shame. You might feel walled off from many of your emotions. You may find yourself sacrificing tremendous time, effort, and attention towards your partner or family member. You likely don't have a strong sense of self and have a hard time expressing your needs and wants. Additional signs of codependency include:

  • Poor self esteem

  • Unclear sense of self

  • High levels of stress

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Tendency towards feeling depressed and unhappy

  • Strong need for control due to overwhelming sense of responsibility towards others

  • A strong desire to feel "needed" and feeling worthless when not needed

  • A pattern of doing too much for others too much of the time

  • Fear of being alone 

  • Problems with setting boundaries

  • Indecisiveness


Codependency is often very draining and leads and creates unhealthy relationships in which you often feel alone. Often, your life revolves around the other person and you're unable to find time or space to develop your own hobbies and interests. You might have a pattern of similar relationships that feel like roller coasters. You have a difficult time being on your own.

Codependency can be difficult to identify on your own, as it often stems from your childhood experiences of an unhealthy family dynamic so it feels familiar even though it might cause you painful consequences in the long run. We tend to repeat these unhealthy dynamics when we don't even know it. Therapy can be an excellent form of support to help you identify codependency and start the process towards finding freedom and relief from unhealthy relationships.  


How is codepedency treated?


I create an environment in which you'll feel safe exploring and speaking openly about the underlying issues of your codependency. We will address family history and patterns and explore how you might be recreating these unhealthy relationships in your present life. 

I will develop an individualized treatment plan so you can quickly start the path towards healthier relationships and improved self-esteem. I will teach you simple ways to set healthier boundaries and tools for self-care to help you heal.

I can provide you with coping skills that will make dealing with and overcoming your current problems easier. Together, we can explore how to create healthy relationships and warning signs to look for when entering a new relationship.


Therapy is extremely effective for codependency issues. In fact, codependency is one of my specialty areas and I love helping patients overcome codependency. Many of my patients experience symptom relief after only a few therapy sessions. The majority of patients achieve significant insight and improvement in self-esteem after several months of therapy. 


For help with codependency with a caring professional psychologist, use online scheduling or call Dynamic Therapies to book an appointment with me now.

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