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What is PTSD?


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is included in trauma- and stressor-related disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). If you suffer from PTSD, a traumatic or stressful experience causes symptoms that incite fear, anger, and other intrusive feelings. Your symptoms may continue long after the original triggering event if you have PTSD.


PTSD is a common condition among combat veterans, but it’s not limited to that group. Any type of violence, abuse, severe stress, loss, or other overwhelming and scary situation can lead to PTSD. 


What are the symptoms of PTSD?


PTSD symptoms vary by the sufferer, but include:

  • Flashbacks, which may include physical symptoms like sweating or increased heart rate

  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or nightmares

  • Frightening thoughts

  • Persistent sadness

  • Persistent uncontrollable worry 

  • Loss of interest in your usual activities and routines

  • Difficulty connecting with others

  • Memory problems

  • Being startled easily

  • Feelings of numbness

  • Difficulty controlling your temper

  • Weight loss or gain


If you recognize any of these symptoms, it’s important to understand that you can get help for PTSD. Symptoms don’t typically go away spontaneously, and they may even worsen unless you get treatment.


I use a variety of effective therapy tools to guide you out of PTSD and back to a healthy and happy life.


How does therapy help with PTSD?

At Dynamic Therapies, I create a unique therapy plan for PTSD recovery based on your specific sources of trauma and symptoms. I address the sources of trauma with you, allowing you to process the memories in a healthier way. You’ll learn new coping skills to control your response to the triggers. 


Through your therapy, you’ll experience improved physical and emotional wellness. You’ll learn how to connect with others better, improve the relationships that may have suffered because of PTSD, and change your sleep patterns to healthy ones. Your unhealthy thinking patterns can become healthy, stable ones that allow you to get your life back with the help of customized therapy at Dynamic Therapies. 


I'm here to gently support you and compassionately guide you through PTSD recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out now using the online scheduler or by calling the Dynamic Therapies office today.

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