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Stress Q & A

How do I know when my stress requires treatment?

Nearly everyone feels stressed occasionally. Stress is even helpful in certain circumstances. For example, a stress response to danger could save your life. 

If your stress is quite mild and happens only occasionally, it might be normal stress that doesn't require treatment. But if stress significantly interferes with your sleep, work, relationships, eating habits, or any other part of your life, it's time to ask for help. 


What are the most common effects of stress?

Stress can hurt your physical and emotional health, and could even be deadly if you don't get the help you need. Some common effects of stress include:

  • Sleep problems

  • Chronic exhaustion

  • Physical symptoms, like racing heart, stomach pain, or excessive perspiration

  • Nervousness

  • Irritability or being quick to anger

  • Anxiety

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Persistent sadness 

Everyone experiences stress in their own way. Your stress symptoms might be worse at certain times, and virtually nonexistent at others. No matter what, stress that causes serious issues in your life is a problem that you need help with. 


How does therapy for stress work?

Dr. Mizrahi tailors stress therapy at Dynamic Therapies to your needs. She helps you delve into unhealthy thinking patterns that might contribute to your stress level. Along with transforming your unhealthy thinking into positive thinking, you’ll also learn actionable stress-reduction methods.

With tools like meditation, deep breathing, and guided imagery, you can learn how to react to stressful circumstances and stress triggers in a new way. Making healthy lifestyle changes like exercising more, eating healthier, and making a strict sleep schedule is also an important part of stress therapy. 

Although you might not be able to control all the stress in your life, you might be amazed at the solutions you’ll find to reduce stress and be happy again. Dr. Mizrahi is your partner and guide throughout the therapy process, and she’s always available to help when you’re struggling or facing challenges. 

At Dynamic Therapies, Dr. Mizrahi is ready to help you understand the reasons for your stress. She gives you solutions that actually work to help you take control and feel like yourself again. Use the online scheduling tool or call the office to book your appointment now.

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