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Narcissistic Personality

Healing Deeper Wounds

Narcissist Q & A

What are the symptoms of a narcissist?

If you have narcissistic personality patterns, you might struggle with the following things:

  • Difficulty creating and maintaining relationships

  • Cold and inaccessible behaviors

  • Lack of empathy

  • Attitude of entitlement

  • Inflated sense of self-importance

  • Strong need for continual admiration and validation from others

Everyone is unique, so you might struggle with other specific problems related to narcissism. If you have some of the above issues or other personality patterns that you’re concerned about, it’s important to seek guidance and support by making an appointment with Dr. Mizrahi at Dynamic Therapies.


How is narcissistic personality disorder diagnosed?

Dr. Mizrahi takes a pragmatic approach to diagnosis. Your problems and concerns are more than just a label, so instead of focusing on the label of a personality disorder, Dr. Mizrahi helps you determine whether you have personality patterns that cause problems for you. She takes the time to truly understand your concerns and issues before making any diagnosis.

If you do have problematic personality patterns like narcissism, she works with you to create a unique treatment plan that addresses your specific issues. 


Why does narcissism develop?

Dr. Mizrahi helps you understand how your narcissistic personality patterns developed. Many patients are surprised to learn that narcissistic behaviors are often born of need, earlier in life.

Invalidating, neglectful, or abusive experiences might have triggered you to develop narcissistic personality patterns as self-defense. Later in life, these self-defense behaviors might evolve to cause problems for you. Dr. Mizrahi helps you overcome the behaviors that hurt you.


How will therapy help with narcissism?

Dr. Mizrahi offers customized feedback and guidance based on the specific narcissism issues you’re dealing with. She guides you through establishing healthy relationships, becoming more accessible to others, learning social skills, and relating to others more easily. 

Dr. Mizrahi helps you recognize unhealthy thinking patterns when they occur and gives you actionable ways to replace negative thoughts with healthy thought patterns.

If you need medication, Dr. Mizrahi will provide referrals and resources to connect you with a trusted doctor or psychiatrist. 

Your relationships don’t have to suffer from the negative effects of narcissism any longer. Use the online scheduler or call Dynamic Therapies to book your appointment with Dr. Mizrahi now.

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