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Grow and Evolve

Learn More About Yourself


I create a warm, supportive environment that in some ways, is like a mirror to your soul. Our work can allow you to fully explore who you are, from how your past has shaped you to how you lead your life in the present. I can help you develop insight into your underlying fears, past unresolved issues or traumas, and how these might have contributed to defense mechanisms you might unknowingly use today. Together, we can identify your strengths, areas of growth, and barriers to your success or feelings of fulfillment. 


How does my approach work?


When focusing on wellness work, I use a psychodynamic approach rooted in traditional Freudian approaches to therapy. This kind of work is more unstructured and open-ended to allow for you to express yourself fully, and dive into deeper self-understanding and awareness. We will often spend a lot of time exploring your childhood experiences and relationships to shed light on how these contribute to your self-concept and relational patterns in the present. I often incorporate dream-work as our dreams are often representative of struggles or feelings we are encountering in waking life that might be difficult to identify or express. 


My approach is non-judgmental, compassionate, and validating. I create a safe space where you can talk about any and all topics that come to mind--worries, sex, daydreams, current events, whatever feels important to you! You decide the pace, and if something feels too difficult to address, we will simply move on to other issues on your mind.

I am happy to equip you with tools to help you discover yourself. I can provide you with reading recommendations, self-care tips, and journaling opportunities to help you on your journey to deep insight, wellbeing, and to appreciate the experience of life.

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