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Relationship Problems Q & A

How do I know what caused my relationship problems?

Usually, it's not just one thing that causes your relationship problems. There are often complex underlying factors, and it's not always easy to see them on your own. That's why therapy is so helpful. 

During your therapy sessions with Dr. Mizrahi, you'll examine your honest feelings about the relationship. Negative feelings like hurt, betrayal, anger, and sense of abandonment are all very valid and understandable feelings, and those feelings can teach you a lot about the relationship. 

Dr. Mizrahi helps you find the true sources of your negative feelings so you can start working on the problems and improve them.


How can I communicate my relationship needs better?

You'll work with Dr. Mizrahi to find your voice. Your loved one won't respond well to anger and resentment, so you'll learn how to voice your concerns and needs in a healthy and effective way that gets your loved one's attention. 

You'll learn how to respond to your loved one in the right way, allowing you to de-escalate an upsetting situation to make it a learning and growing moment for both of you.

Many patients find that the communication skills they learn during therapy are enormously beneficial for all aspects of their life, from romantic relationships to family dynamics to workplace interactions and beyond.  


How does couples therapy work?

Couples therapy at Dynamic Therapies is rooted in emotionally focused therapy, which is one of the most effective types of therapy for couples. Dr. Mizrahi won't bury you in homework or exercises. Instead, she emphasizes a here-and-now technique that helps you both discover the unhealthy thinking patterns that drag your relationship down. 

This helps lay the groundwork for a brand-new style of communicating and positive, happy experiences as a team. Depending on your needs, Dr. Mizrahi may meet with you and your partner around 10-20 sessions in total. Some patients also benefit from individual therapy during this time. 

After resolving the serious relationship history issues and personal interaction problems within your relationship during the early sessions, you'll move on to learning improved ways to understand, appreciate, and respond to each other. 

If you’re dealing with frustrating and upsetting relationship problems, Dr. Mizrahi can help. Call Dynamic Therapies or use online booking for individual or couples therapy now.

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